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My name is Nettie.  I am a homeschooling mother, modern-day hula hoop artist, hoop/dance instructor, choreographer, burlesque performer and the artistic director of the Nevaeh Dance Circus.

​My deep love for these plastic circles began in 2010 when a member of the Boston Hoop Troupe taught me my first hula hoop trick. 

For over a decade now hula hooping as brought me so much joy and happiness! As a result of this, I’ve spent countless hours transforming this recreation activity into an art form and profession for myself.  


On January 1st, 2021, I began a project I called #hulahoopingeverydamnday with the only rule being, that I dedicated some amount of time every single day to my art (even if only a minute). I then post a clip of this time online to my social media account each day.  After completing a full year of this project I decided to continue documenting this journey for a second consecutive year of #hulahoopingeverydamnday.


You can follow (or join) me on this hula hooping journey via my instagram @hoopwithnettieloops

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