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Here you will find a list of my offerings.  Please feel free to contact me for rates, availability and more information.

Stage Show & Performances



Whether you are planning an event and looking to showcase some unique forms of performance art...


Or if you are a band/solo artist looking to add something extra to your next stage production...


I have plenty of experience with just this! I have performed in all sorts of venues, including the Blue Ocean Music Hall - Salisbury, MA, Portland House of Music - Portland, ME and the Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston, MA.


As a hula hoop artist am able to provide a variety of themed acts that can include L.E.D. hooping, multi hooping, a sparkly copper slinky hoop and more!

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Roving & Street Acts

*Living Statue

*Stilt Walking

*Hula Hooping


 Hoop Jams

Designed for festivals, fairs, camps, libraries, after school programming, children's birthday parties and more! Interactive Hoop Jams are a great addition to any programming or celebratory event!

What can be included in this offering:

*The use of over 30 handmade hula hoops

*Bubble machine

*In-person hoop dance instruction 

*Roving performances

*Wireless portable music for atmosphere